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The BlueFilter is a high-performance ultrafiltration system for use with process media which is subjected to heavy particle loads. The BlueFilter comprises flat membranes which are mounted on a carrier plate. Rotors which run over the membranes at a short distance provide a strong overflow.

Other than with conventional systems, the patented rotor system prevents the formation of an outer layer.

All of the BlueFilter components which come into contact with the media are made of 316 stainless steel with the exception of the seals and membranes. This enables the BlueFilter to be used in temperatures of up to 95°C. BlueFilter systems can therefore also be put to unrestricted use for pharmaceutical and food applications.
The BlueFilter is optimised for low maintenance expenditure with fast maintenance. A membrane can be replaced without the use of a tool. BlueFilters are available in numerous sizes, ranging from laboratory to production filters.
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